Destination Lonely + Captain Suun #fuzzpsychsurf au Chien Stupid @ Au Chien Stupide, Nantes [8 juin]

Destination Lonely + Captain Suun #fuzzpsychsurf au Chien Stupid

20:00 - 22:00

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Au Chien Stupide
4 Rue des Carmélites, 44000 Nantes
BACK TO GARAGE! fait appel à des hommes fatals.
#garagepunk #thefatals #jerryspidergang #lospider #toulouse

Destination Lonely (Toulouse/FR)
All Star Fuzz Band (Voodoo Rythm Rds)
avec des membres de The Fatals & The Jerry Spider Gang!!!

«The concept of music designed specifically as a fist in the face feature in the environment was pioneered by young teenagers from around the world in 1966. In the fifties they called them Punks and in the 60's Mods these Days they call themself the LONERS, what we have here is a Bunch of ULTRA LONERS and GHOULS from the X GENERATION born in Toulouse/Bordeaux in the south of france, they have like zero perspective in a bright future neather enjoyed a happy childhood, they got heart broken like weekly at least once and along with that comes a tremendous fascination in drinking alcohol, the first of the 3 is Marco Fatal who plays the guitar and sings and formed the Legendary NOISE singing-group THE FATALS (as well in: Kung Fu Escelators, Mighty Gogo Players, Complications) in 2001 together with Wlad on the Drums (as well in: the Beach Bitches, Blew up).well the 3rd in the band is Lo Spider of the JERRY SPIDER GANG (as well in: the Space Beatnicks,Dividers) and Destroys his Guitar and has his own Recording Studio, Swampland where he records Destination Lonely and Countless French and International Acts
DESTINATION LONELY formed in 2010 and having several releases on diferent Record Labels such as Nasty Products and Les Disques Steak and shared Stage with the Bassholes, Country Teasers, Oblivians, Cheater Slicks etc»

Captain Süün (Bristol/UK)
Psyché Surf / Stolen Body Records

Formed via the spirit of adolescent excitement in Bristol at the tail end of 2016, Captain Süün are a band well and truly beyond their tender years. Following a handful of gigs in 2017 – and a raucous set at Bristol Psych Fest’s opening event in July – they immediately caught the attention of revered Stolen Body Records, with a deal soon struck.
The first fruit to bear from this relationship, the Beach Burrito EP, is a laser-targeted detonation of garage-psych, capable of putting most of their grizzled garage-psych elders to shame. Breezy jangle-pop gives way to ruthless fuzz breakdowns, and all of it rips hard enough to satisfy even the most discerning of the genre’s broad church.
The quartet, whose expansive appreciation for psych far exceeds most, recognise the importance of songs above all else. Frontman Dan Dale – a songwriter first and foremost – is incredibly skilled at tapping the well of the Lizard King, as well as influences ranging from John Martyn to The Byrds. The menacing and spacious ‘Amber’ and the Segall-infused stomper ‘Skyline’ conclusively prove that the Bristolian upstarts aren’t at all concerned with having big shoes to fill.

Vendredi 8 Juin 2018
$ prix libre $

Au Chien Stupide
4 rue des Carmélites / Rue de Strabourg

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